sweet woman, you love

and with a fist full of tears

you baptize the Earth

strong women we shine

through all the pain and sorrow

we find strength within

Soundtrack: CyHi The Prince — Be Great

Eternity bears no time frame. It is as clear as today and as close as tomorrow. As we embark on our daily journey, we must recognize how our daily decisions affect our eternal, external footprint. We must know that our eternal selves lie in our ability to transcend our cells and make a better place our futures to come. We construct how our future looks on a day-to-day basis. With eternity in mind, I want to explore the relationship between what we know as Mother Earth and Father Time. It is a relationship…

Soundtrack — “Old Time Religion” (Original Artist Unknown)


By Marvin E. Jackmon


The Saint

behind our skulls

in the region of fear and strength

Nothing but a man, who threw fear away

and caught something greater … life

And the price of life is death

protect ourselves from the beast

and he went un-protected

by the will of Allah

most merciful

a lost leader

though we have found his spirit

behind our skulls

in the region of fear and strength

Malcolm held our manhood

he said what we knew but feared

we feared to name…

Soundtrack — Soldier by Erykah Badu & Borderline (Ode to Self Care) by Solange

Baptize: A verb meaning to cleanse, renew, and reveal yourself to you and those around you

My baptism was one that I did not see, but everyone around me saw the need — the need to push me off the cliff of comfort and into a zone of immortality. My legacy will be greater than this physical form I trod. It will be synonymous to a caged bird. A caged bird sings to be freed but what are chains to someone who has been free their…

Soundtrack: Be Healthy by Dead Prez

Greens, yams, pork roast, cornbread, peas, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato pie, fried chicken, and a cold cup of Kool-Aid was always on the menu for Sunday dinner. As we passed around the peas and every other item on the table, we communicated through food, song, and prayer. It was always a family affair, but soon after we ate, the celebration and laughs ceased and the itis settled in. The itis is a feeling of fulfillment after eating that causes everyone at the table to become instantly sleepy or drowsy. This soul food meal…

Song: This Bitter Land by Nas and Erykah Badu

There is no greater power than the power within. In order to control this power, it is imperative that we monitor what type of energy we are consuming on a daily basis through our dietary choices. When I eat to live, my spiritual self awakens in a manner that is beyond contemporary comprehension. People will ask weird questions and look at me weird, but once I am in a spirit hub — nothing and no one can penetrate you unless you allow. You will not find a book on your own…

High Heal Doula Writes Rite

I am just sharing my thoughts. Reflections, critiques, and further research points are welcomed.

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